What payment methods can be used? 

Payment methods that we accept are:





All payment details are displayed in the checkout area when you are placing your order. 


What are are the shipping times? 

We use DHL to ship all orders worldwide.

Please allow 2-4 business days for delivery on stock products depending on location and time of day that you place your order.

Made to order custom products please allow 14 business days to ship worldwide.


How do I track my package? 

When your order is dispatched we will send you a text message which will include your DHL tracking number. All orders can be tracked on the DHL website at http://delivery.dhl.com/AU/K1GPv7 

If you have any trouble locating your tracking number or tracking your parcel, contact us and we’ll help. 


Can I return my purchase for an exchange or refund? 

If you have purchased a product and feel for example that the colour isn’t right or it’s not what you expected, you can exchange your product or get a refund.

Please contact us first by email if you need to return a product for any reason.

To be eligible for an exchange or refund the product must be returned within 30 days of the initial purchase (45 days for custom made products)
The product must be in completely new condition, unworn and unopened from the packaging.

If an exchange is needed the buyer is responsible for paying the postage fee for us to send the exchange.


How do I use a discount coupon? 

Type your coupon code into the ‘apply coupon’ space provided in checkout. Your total will then be adjusted.


How do I purchase a gift certificate? 

Gift Certificates can be purchased just like any other product. You can set the value by entering the amount.


Can I buy from Glamour Australia without having an account? 

Yes. Anyone can buy directly from our site without being a member or a professional.

You’re welcome to purchase from our store and checkout as a guest.


Are there any discounts for professionals? 

Yes ! Our already low wholesale prices even for small orders get even better for hairdressers, salon owners and makeup artists! We supply hundreds of salons in Australia and worldwide and would like to reward our loyal regulars with a further 10% off any size order. Head over to our 'Professionals Discount' section for instrictions on how to apply. 


Which colour should I choose? 

It’s best to choose a colour as closely matched to your own hair for best results, however it doesn’t need to be matched perfectly to blend in well and be undetectable.
If you’re having trouble choosing please send us some pictures of your hair colour taken in natural light using our colour match service. 

We can also custom make any product specifically how you need.


How long will my hair extensions last? 

How long your hair extensions last depends greatly on your care regime and lifestyle. Clip in extensions will last longest as they’re not usually worn daily and require less frequent washing. Average use of our more permanent methods including tape hair, microring and weaves is 2-6 months, however some customers get up to a years use from our extensions.


How many sets of hair extensions will I need? 

Weights are shown for each extension type we sell on their product description pages.
To add some volume to your hair about 50 grams will be needed (a half head).
A standard full head is 100 grams and is enough to add both volume and length to hair that is thin- medium in density and has some length already.
More hair will be needed if you have very short or thick hair or if your natural hair is cut blunt. You will need 100- 200 grams.


How long does my natural hair have to be to be able to wear hair extensions? 

We recommend your natural hair be at least 10cm (4 Inches) long to be able to conceal the hair extension attachments for whichever method you choose.
If you have quite short hair you will need a hairdresser to trim and blend your extensions in with layers by razor cutting them in after applying.


Can I colour/bleach/tone my hair extensions? 

It’s best to choose a colour as closely matched to your hair as possible so that colouring is not needed, however the extensions are human hair and can be coloured.
We use Indian remy hair for all our extensions. The hair is initially all dark brown to begin with and is bleached right back to blonde for most shades, particularly the shades lighter than medium brown. The hair is then dyed to the required shade. 
If you need to colour or tone the hair it’s best to use a semi permanent dye as these are much more gentle. You can use permanent to go darker, however it will reduce how long your extension last. Always perform a small test first. Glamour Australia will not refund on a product that has been toned or coloured resulting in an undesirable effect or hair condition. The hair can be coloured at the buyers risk and Glamour Australia will not be held accountable for results.


Can I swim/shower with my hair extensions? 

You can swim and shower wearing your hair extensions however salt and chlorinated water will affect how long your extensions last.
If you do swim wearing extensions it’s important not to let the salt or chlorinated water dry in your hair. Rinse well straight after swimming with clean water.


Can I perm my hair extensions? 

It’s not recommended but you can perm your hair extensions. Bear in mind it will affect how long your extensions last.
We use Indian remy hair for all of our extensions.


What products should I use on my hair extensions? 

It is important to use quality products on your extensions, especially the types worn for longer periods as opposed to clip in extensions that require less frequent washing as they’re usually not worn daily.
Using a shampoo free from sodium laureth sulphate (common foaming agent) will extend the life of your extensions and prevent them becoming dry.


How do I remove my hair extensions? 

Clip in Extensions– Bends clips backwards to open and slide out of hair.

Microring, Easy Weft Method Hair Extensions– Use extension pliers to squeeze microring back into the open position and slide out of hair.

Sewn in Weft– Use small scissors to snip along the sewn thread and slide out of hair.

Tape Hair Extensions– Pour a little of tape hair extensions remover solvent on each tape pair, leave for a minute and peel apart. If any residue is left dust a little cornflour… yes cornflour! onto each section and comb through with a fine toothed comb. Shampoo hair twice and condition.